Drina Regatta

Drinska regata® is the oldest manifestation with touristic – recreational character on the Drina River, which, for more than two decades organize S.T.C. „Bajina Basta“ and the Municipality of Bajina Basta to commemorate the old tradition of the Drina rafters. Drinska regata®  is the central tourist – recreational event that aims to present the touristic offer of this region. This manifestation is the most visited event in Western Serbia and it present central summer event on the water in the region. Every year this event on the Drina river, with various contents, attracting thousands of visitors from country and abroad.

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Drina Regatta has been a favorite summer destination for many public figures who are rafting on the river on the „VIP raft.“ Besides  “ VIP raft “ on the regatta are also sailing a few wooden rafts made like the original model of the old Drina rafters, who sailed on the trunks of felled tree from Tara mountain. Couple of boats with trumpeters traditionally follows several kilometers long line of Regatta rafters and gives rhythm to it. In addition to numerous other events and activities as an integral part of the event is a big music festival “Most Fest”, where every year the most popular musician artists performs from all around the region. So far, the music festival main stars was: Atomsko Sklonište, Crvena Jabuka, Vlado Georgiev, Toni Cetinski, Riblja Čorba, JU Grupa, Plavi orkestar, Zabranjeno pušenje  and many others. Beside music festival “Most fest”  on the Drina Regatta event there are other musical programs in the first days of the event, organized by the Sport turstic center of Bajina Bašta, which gathers a large number of visitors.


The objectives of the event:

  • The main objective of the event is the development and promotion of touristic activities in Bajina Bašta
  • Promotion of touristic offer of mountain Tara, river Drina and municipality of Bajina Bašta, as an integral part of the touristic offer of Serbia, as well as the intensification of the existing offer by introducing new content.
  • Bajina Bašta have various possibilities for development of touristic potential, which make Tara mountain, river Drina, Perućac Lake and Zaovine, Rača monastery … A unique offer developed through numerous educational and sport – recreational activities, promoting the idea of ​​an active holiday in a healthy environment, what is the world trend.
  • Drinska regata® aims to promote tourism and to inform the general public and visitors with a unique touristic offer of Bajina Bašta, the National Park Tara and Drina River. This event provides a significant contribution to the development of the local economy, trade and services and the employment of citizens of Bajina Bašta and area, at the peak of the touristic season and throughout the year.